Zeca Bettax, 12 October 2011


One of the fun things about living in Chicago is that there are so many interesting places to see around the city…like these!

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 AmericanNationalBankBldg01B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 ChapelOfStJames01B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 ChicagoTemple01B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 EsquireTheater01B

Photo Information:

Camera: Zeca Bettax
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm f/4.5 Radionar
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100 (120)

Photo 1:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop

This is the American National Bank Building (completed in 1930 and designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst, & White; formerly the Foreman State National Bank Building), located on southeast corner of LaSalle & Washington. As with most of Chicago’s Art Deco buildings, this one is mostly monochromatic, but also features strong vertical emphasis, decorative infill panels between the vertical rows of windows, and various setbacks towards the top of the tower. Just visible on the right-hand side is One North LaSalle (completed in 1930 and designed by Vitzhum & Burns); I think the two buildings make quite a pair, not least because they’re both Art Deco towers.

Photo 2:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; River North

This is the Chapel of St. James (not the Cathedral of St. James, which is a few blocks away), part of Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary (completed in 1919 and designed by Zachary T. Davis). You can see part of the Gothic Revival seminary building to the left of the chapel; the chapel itself was modeled after the 13C Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, which was commissioned by King Louis IX. Hey, if you’re going to copy something, why not go for something spectacular, right?

Photo 3:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop

This is the Chicago Temple (completed in 1923 and designed by Holabird & Roche) in the Loop, across the street from the Daley Center. Essentially a church spire perched atop an office tower, the building does, indeed, have a chapel inside the spire. The spire itself reminds me of the south tower on the west façade of Chartres Cathedral, one of the well-known examples of medieval French High Gothic style.

Photo 4:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; River North

This is the Esquire Theater (completed in 1938 and designed by Pereira & Pereira) on Oak Street in River North. The original Art Deco theater building has since been subdivided and dedicated to a number of other functions besides showing movies – which is doesn’t even do these days. OTOH, the original marquee and sign still hint at the building’s former glory.



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