Zeca Bettax, 19 October 2011


Oh sure, I could shoot with some of my other cameras, but I like this one so very much.

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 MoodyBibleInst01B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 MoodyBibleInst02B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 OneNorthLaSalleEntry01B

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 Winthrop&BrynMawrE01B

Photo Information:

Camera: Zeca Bettax
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm f/4.5 Radionar
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100 (120)

Photo 1 & 2:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Old Town Neighborhood

The subject of these two photos is the Moody Memorial Church (completed in 1925 and designed by Fugard & Knapp) at the northwest corner of Clark and North Avenue. The church (and its adjacent administrative structure) is named after Dwight L. Moody, an evangelist who spent much of his time working with the poor and working-class people in the city. The details of the building are inspired by Byzantine architecture, specifically the Hagia Sophia in Byzantium (later Constantinople, and now known as Istanbul). The use of brick allowed for large structure for a relatively low cost (as compared to using stone, which is more common of many contemporary churches in the city), while small terra cotta details (such as those in the second photo) added a limited amount of decoration; that said, the brick work alone is also quite impressive.

Photo 3:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop

This is the entrance to One North LaSalle (completed in 1930 and designed by Vitzthum & Burns), located on the northeast corner of LaSalle & Madison.

Photo 4:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Edgewater Neighborhood

This building is located on the southeast corner of Winthrop and Bryn Mawr, located in the Bryn Mawr Historic District, part of the Edgewater Neighborhood. I’m not aware of any historic significance to the building itself; I just liked the rounded corner (reminiscent of Streamline Art Deco design) and the old-fashioned sign over the entrance.



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