Chicago Blizzard 2011, 11 November 2011


In “honor” of yesterday’s brief snowfall, here are some more of my film photos from last winter’s blizzard!

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard11B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard12B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard13B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard14B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard15B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard16B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard17B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard18B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard19B

FM2 CHI TMax100 2011Blizzard20B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Uptown Neighborhood (Photos 1 thru 5); Lincoln Park (Photo 6); Chicago Loop (Photos 7 thru 10)
Camera: Nikon FM-2
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.2
Film: Kodak TMax 100 (135)

In photos 2 & 4, you can (again) see how folks were mostly walking in the streets, rather than on the sidewalks, as the snowplows kept the snow buildup from getting too deep as compared to the sidewalks, where the snow would pile up anywhere from 18 to 24 inches (or more, depending on snowdrifts and such). In photo 3, you can see how the snowdrifts built up under the CTA elevated rail tracks – in some cases, the drifts were closer the three feet deep. I made the mistake of trying to slog through this area…tired myself out quite effectively – not surprisingly, it isn’t easy to force your way through two or three feet of piled-up snow.

Photo 6 shows part of Lincoln Park at Montrose on the day after the snowfall stopped; I went out to watch sunrise, only afterwards realizing that the ambient temperature at the time was below zero (Fahrenheit) – after I got back to my apartment a couple hours later, I checked the weather, and the ambient temperature after the sun had been up for a couple hours was 5. Yes…FIVE. Before sunrise, it must’ve been much, much lower. Of course, the overall high that day topped out around 12, IIRC.

In photos 7 thru 10, you can see how the snow affected downtown – which is to say, not as much as  you might think. Sure, the snow piled up there, too, but the DOT kept the streets effectively plowed, so the day after the snowfall stopped, business resumed (mostly) as usual.



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