Self-Portrait, 13 November 2011


It occurred to me while writing my last post that y’all don’t have a clue what I look like…so, to remedy this issue, I present to you the following self-portrait!

SelfPortrait 2011_11-12B

Obviously, there is much you can infer from this photo…for example, the walls of my apartment are white (yup…I’m boring in that regard). Also, I wear glasses, and I own both a black hat and a pretty serious filter mask…no, it’s not a gas mask, but I sometimes like to pretend that it is.

Seriously, though…this is about as close as I ever get to sharing actual photos of myself. I don’t much like being in photos, so I avoid ’em whenever possible – of course, being in a city this size, I’m fair sure I’m in the background of a lot of photos, but just as a random person on the street…in most (if not all) of those cases, the people taking the photos probably don’t care about my identity, anyways.



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