Occupy Chicago, 21 November 2011


Longtime readers here can probably guess my opinion regarding the various Occupy protests around the country, but for now, I’m going to try something different: namely, just presenting photos I shot of the protesters. Oh, don’t worry…eventually, I’m sure I’ll feel the need to spout off my opinions, but for now, here are some of the photos I took.

D80 CHI OccupyChicago01 2011_11-21B

D80 CHI OccupyChicago02 2011_11-21B

D80 CHI OccupyChicago03 2011_11-21B

D80 CHI OccupyChicago04 2011_11-21B

D80 CHI OccupyChicago05 2011_11-21B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop
Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6


All of these photos were shot at the intersection of LaSalle & Jackson; the protesters were mostly congregated at the northeast corner of the intersection, in front of the Bank of America Center (formerly the Illinois Merchants Bank Building, then the Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Company Building). The protesters did select a rather appropriate setting, since this particular intersection is effectively the heart of the Loop’s financial district; south of the intersection is the Chicago Board of Trade, while many of the buildings just north of the intersection are either home to financial institutions or were originally built for them.

Regarding Photo 2, it is not my intention to “censor” anyone’s opinion, but I did feel the need to remove the vulgarity from this sign; OTOH, it’s pretty obvious what the sign says, even without the smudge I added. My original file still contains the un-edited version of the sign. In Photo 4, it is encouraging to note that the guidelines explicitly note that the protest is a drug- and alcohol-free zone; anecdotal reports suggest that some of the other Occupy protests are somewhat besmirched by drug users. In Photo 5, I wonder if the businessman walking by the protesters was a little uncomfortable here – he kinda looks like he is.

I have a number of additional photos, so I’ll be posting these in the near future.



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