Hasselblad 500CM, 15 December 2011


Recently, I decided to learn how to process color film (C41 process); I already process my own black and white film, and one of the main reasons I do so (apart from, y’know, just enjoying it so very much) is that it costs less than half what a lab would charge for the service. The same is true of color processing, and I found that the procedure itself isn’t that much harder than black and white – different, of course, in terms of temperatures and such, but not difficult (kinda messy, though, what with the water bath and such). Below are some of the first results I got from doing so…I think they worked out well.

Hass500CM CHI Portra160 999N-LakeShore01B

Hass500CM CHI Portra160 Carbide&Carbon01B

Hass500CM CHI Portra160 Salt&PepperDiner01B

Photo Information:

Camera: Hasselblad 500CM
Lens: Carl Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 Planar (Photos 1 & 3); 250mm f/5.6 Sonnar (Photo 2)
Film: Kodak Portra 160 (120)

PHoto 1:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Streeterville Neighborhood

This is one of the side entry doors to 999 North Lake Shore Drive (completed in 1912 and designed by Marshall & Fox) in the Streeterville Neighborhood. This building is part of the East Lake Shore Drive Historic District; as an added bonus, it’s subtly decorated for the holidays (yes, that one wreath next to the door).

Photo 2:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; North Loop

This is another of my favorite buildings in the city, the Carbide & Carbon Building (completed in 1929 and designed by Burnham Bros.) – one of the few Art Deco designs in the city that isn’t just plain concrete / limestone and bronze panels.

Photo 3:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Lakeview Neighborhood

This is the Salt ‘N Pepper Diner in the Lakeview Neighborhood, shot during early evening when their sign is lit up. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I like these sorts of old-faashioned signs.

Not bad for my first efforts at processing color film, eh?



One Response to “Hasselblad 500CM, 15 December 2011”

  1. Mike Says:

    That’s a great beginning in DIY color. It is something I’ve been thinking more about trying lately given the costs of shooting and processing film. I friend recently gave me 100′ of Portra in 127 size, so I am running out of excuses.

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