Chicago Auto Show 2012


Yes, I know…I’ve been a horrible blogger of late; just started a new job about a month ago, and I’m still trying to figure out how to balance working two jobs, playing Skyrim, and my photographic activities. Fun stuff, that. Anyways, here are some photos I shot at the recent Chicago Auto Show…as always, a nice collection of shiny (well, mostly – more on that in a moment). Note: all photos shot with my trusty ol’ Nikon D80 with the 35mm f/1.8 DX normal lens attached – though in retrospect, using one of my wideangle lenses might’ve been preferrable, since there were lots of folks wandering around, and it was difficult to get far enough back with the normal lens to cover full shots of the cars. Ah well…lesson learned.

D80 CHI CAS AudiR8_Sypder2013 01B

2013 Audi R8 Spyder – and it’s in red…how awesome is that?

D80 CHI CAS CadillacCiel_Concept01B

D80 CHI CAS CadillacCiel_Concept02B

D80 CHI CAS CadillacCiel_Concept03B

Cadillac Ciel Concept – looks pretty damn impressive, though I’m fair sure they’ll never get something like this into production…well, at least, not as a mass-market vehicle. OTOH, the fact that they produced something like this is impressive in and of itself.

D80 CHI CAS ChevroletCorvette1953 01B

D80 CHI CAS ChevroletCorvette2013 01B

This was a head-to-head comparison of a ’53 Chevrolet Corvette with a 2013 model; I have to say, IMO, it wasn’t all that flattering a comparison for the 2013 model. Maybe it’s weird, but I much prefer the older model…

D80 CHI CAS ChevroletTRU140S Concept 01B

Chevrolet TRU140S Concept – this was one of a number of cars in the show that had a matte (rather than the standard glossy) finish; it’s an interesting move, though I’m not entirely sure what prompted it. I wonder if it has something to do with cost; it also has the notable side effect of not showing fingerprints when you touch the surface, so they didn’t have to keep polishing these floor models like the shinier ones.

D80 CHI CAS DodgeChallenger2013 01B

2013 Dodge Challenger – because, who doesn’t like muscle cars? I love ’em!

D80 CHI CAS FordMustang_ShelbyGT500 2013 01B

2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 – true story: my Dad owned a ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302, and I thought it was the most awesome car ever. He never got to finish restoring it before he died, and not being automotively talented as he was, I could neither do the work myself (or afford the parts, or pay someone else to do it). Ford also debuted a revived Boss 302 in the new model Mustang at the Auto Show, but I was unable to get a photo of it (too many folks wandering into my frame as I tried to shoot it); I bet my Dad would’ve loved to have seen the new Boss.

D80 CHI CAS Kia_Concept01B

This is a Kia concept for which I couldn’t find any information on the CAS website; I probably should’ve written down the name while I was at the show, right? Anyways, it’s pretty impressive-looking for a Kia; in the background, you can see the Kia Trak’ster Concept (at least, I think that’s how they apostrophe’d the name).

D80 CHI CAS ToyotaNS4_Concept01B

Toyota NS4 Concept – this is one of two concepts Toyota debuted for cars powered by fuel cells (the other being the FCV); I liked the way this one looked, but both were interesting.

And that’s about it. I know this isn’t a comprehensive shoot of the entire show, but then again, I only shot what I found interesting (mostly); I had to give up on a few shots (again, due to my inability to take close-in shots and having too many folks in front of me while I was trying to get a shot), so next time I go to one of these, for sure, I’ll be carrying a wideangle lens.



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