Sunset, 19 August 2012


Actually, I shot this photo on August 9th, not today.

SPH-M900 CHI ChicagoSunset06 2012_08-09B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Camera: Samsung Moment (SPH-M900)

The main reason I wanted to post this photo (other than it being a truly stunning view) is as proof that the best camera is the one you happen to have with you when a moment like this arrives. Could I have shot this view “better” with my DSLR or one of my fancy film cameras? Probably…but I didn’t have any of them with me when I saw this (I was at work…a catering job, so I don’t much get the opportunity to carry around my camera pack), and I did have my phone in my pocket (no, I don’t use the phone itself while I’m working…I keep the network turned off, but I keep it in my pocket for the clock). Granted, if I had brought my DSLR with me, I could’ve gone and fetched it, but that would’ve taken me several minutes…and this view only lasted for about five minutes before the sun slid below the clouds and horizon. So, I shot the photo with what I had.

I did adjust the photo a little in post-processing, but mostly, this was to adjust contrast a little. I didn’t actually have to adjust the colors much, as they were pretty spectacular already…limited though it is, the camera on my phone does tend to capture color pretty well. I also cropped the photo to square format…just because.



3 Responses to “Sunset, 19 August 2012”

  1. Jim Says:

    The way the light reflects off and passes through the clouds is great. My smartphone couldn’t have taken this; it would have washed out.

    • seeker312 Says:

      It was a little washed-out in the original; as I mentioned, I did adjust the contrast slightly in post. It’s also a matter of how you position the phone when you’re shooting the photo; I tilted the lens up about 15 degrees or so, which is why the base of the photo and the horizon is a bit low in the frame – the autoexposure function will try desperately to keep everything visible, so you have to trick it into not doing that…like making most of the frame so much brighter than the remainder so that the AE function will have to balance the exposure closer to the sky and such than to the ground. Like I said, it takes some fiddling around, but I’m fair sure you could do it with your phone, too…mine’s a rather old model (over 3 years old now), so if it can do that, I’m sure yours can, too.

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