Actually, I shot this photo on August 9th, not today.

SPH-M900 CHI ChicagoSunset06 2012_08-09B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Camera: Samsung Moment (SPH-M900)

The main reason I wanted to post this photo (other than it being a truly¬†stunning view) is as proof that the best camera is the one you happen to have with you when a moment like this arrives. Could I have shot this view “better” with my DSLR or one of my fancy film cameras? Probably…but I didn’t have any of them with me when I saw this (I was at work…a catering job, so I don’t much get the opportunity to carry around my camera pack), and I did have my phone in my pocket (no, I don’t use the phone itself while I’m working…I keep the network turned off, but I keep it in my pocket for the clock). Granted, if I had brought my DSLR with me, I could’ve gone and fetched it, but that would’ve taken me several minutes…and this view only lasted for about five minutes before the sun slid below the clouds and horizon. So, I shot the photo with what I had.

I did adjust the photo a little in post-processing, but mostly, this was to adjust contrast a little. I didn’t actually have to adjust the colors much, as they were pretty spectacular already…limited though it is, the camera on my phone does tend to capture color pretty well. I also cropped the photo to square format…just because.



Farewell, 2010


The last day of 2010 was rather odd here in Chicago; the temperature got up to 50 degrees, which is most unusual for this time of year. While it was cloudy and raining for most of the day, the skies cleared up (somewhat) right around 1600, so I decided to head out to the Lake shore for one last walk around for the year. Needless to say, I was not disappointed by the show.






Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, IL; Lake Michigan
Camera: Samsung SPH-M900
Lens: (integral)
ISO Equivalency: 12

You may notice that these aren’t the results of my fancy DSLR; this is because I did not bring it along in my pack. Rather, I had a film SLR packed up, and didn’t have room for the DSLR – as such, I shot these on my mobile phone camera, instead. That being said, composition isn’t a matter of equipment, but of perspective, so I tend to believe that one can achieve decent results with something as simple as a fixed-lens mobile phone camera (or, for that matter, a 1930s-era box camera or a 1915 folding pocket camera). Better equipment allows one to do more, but if you don’t have the “vision,” all the fancy equipment in the world isn’t going to yield a better photograph.

Anyways, here’s hoping that 2011 turns out to be even better than 2010 – which, for my part, wasn’t nearly as bad as 2009. Happy New Year, y’all!

Note: While I did shoot these on my mobile phone camera, they aren’t exactly as they came out of said camera. Naturally, I indulged in a bit of post processing to get them to what they are here. Mostly, this involved adjusting the contrast and color saturation.